We are just a couple of women in recovery Living for people in recovery

Live, Eat, & Breath in Recovery

Not everyone recovers the same. Enjoy You! How did you do it?

Personal Recovery Coaching

Our life experiences  and training are used to help you out!

Just Need to Vent?

We all need to let the steam out of the pot every once in awhile, don’t be shy. Click it.

Target your structure

As addicts in recovery, we must not become complacent. Keep a structure in your daily routine. Would you like some ideas? Have ideas to share? Click down there!

Recovery Coach Support

Emotions strong, feeling overwhelmed, no one seems to understand. We get it, ask us. We are in this together.

Love the support

Your story makes the difference. Be the light in someone’s darkness. Help them out by sharing your story.

Outside Resources

Need sources near you?

What Are Recovery Coaches?

We are just regular people living a redefined life in recovery. We share our life learned experiences with a background in certified training to help you initiate and maintain your recovery. We incorporate the terms you need to succeed and be a new you.

Who Is This Type of Coaching For?

Anyone suffering from substance abuse that would like sound minds to guide them through the journey. Recovering from drug addiction is hard. Build a network of support that will take your best life to the next level. Reach out. If you don’t know where to start, will lead you!

Where to begin?

Here are some steps of the basics to get you started. We’ll get to the niddy gritty soon enough. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other,  we got this. 

1. Express gratitude for what you have.
Finding the good in now will help you to see the good to come in the future! The unknown is scary. Don’t be afraid to create it.
2. Do something productive...
When we get things done the sense of accomplishment of completing something you wanted to do can be refreshing.
3. Take time out of your day for you. Take 5 - 10 minutes to collect your thoughts.
When you take time to breath and re-evaluate a situation you will allow yourself to be level headed before acting on impulse or emotion.

As addicts we live on impulse and instant gratification. Taking time to collect your thoughts can help rewire your thinking as you seek and keep recovery,

4. Attend meetings as needed. There is one for everyday of the week.
Can’t find one?

We will find or provide one for you. Check out the outside resources above.

5. Do something new....
Try something you might not usually do in active addiction but wanted to do.

Find a local free Zumba class or Yoga class

Sign up for that pottery class or pick up a second language.

You might not like some of the things you try but if you don’t try new things you’ll never know what you like.

About Me

On May 31, 2011 I got saved at Calvary Chapel in Aurora by pastor Ed Taylor. He happens to be a recovering alcoholic. I didn’t learn this until after I was saved. I felt a spiritual awaking. When I got saved I was not living my best life. It was the worst in active addiction. September 27, 2012 I found out I was a mother to be. I had no clue what God had in store for me. I did not feel adequate to be a mother but who knew? Now, I have graduated college with a degree in business management and continue to strive for this organization. I wear all my stuff on my sleeve. I am not perfect. Ask me what ever you want and I will be honest with you. Beware though, truth is scary. I love to inspire and be inspired by those who are just like me. We all suffer differently it’s the come back game, faith, and diligence that motivates me for you all.

About Me

My name is Elizabeth Carter and I am a addict in Recovery!!
On 6/1/12 My life changed dramatically!
Why you ask ?? Because this was the day I decided I wanted something more meaningful in my life then chasing a sack!! Like chasing a sack was meaningful!! Oh that’s the insanity of addiction!! This is the day I found recovery.
Today I have 8 years in recovery by the grace of God! And the most awesome support system of family & friends!
My journey has not been peachy and perfect, but life’s not.
However I will take any of my bad days in recovery over any of my days in active addiction!!!
The one thing that I’ve learned on this journey is….. To Truly Love Myself!! And Know I am of worth and value. These were things that in my active addiction I did not believe to be true.
Today I can hold my head high with confidence and not hold it down with shame!
If you or a love one is struggling with addiction I am here to say and show you …. Recovery is possible and We Do Recover
If you need help or not sure but would like to talk or ask questions? Feel free to send me a message. I will get back to you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Own Path Today! We will Guide You!