Where do I start??? Well, not too long ago I had almost lost hope and vision on this dream that is dwelling within me. I was a penny away from shutting the project down. In my mind, I felt as though I would have to give up my dreams. I felt I needed to work extra hard to provide the life my children deserve which would leave no time for my dreams. I would give up all of my dreams in a single heartbeat to make sure my children had a shot to create dreams of their own. Then it hit me one day, if I didn’t follow through with this then what example would I be setting for my children. I was a waitress for two years and all my daughter wanted to be was just like me, a waitress.

Then I started to wonder… This moment of conscience thought led me to realize this dream of mine was just too big for a small town. Although, the town of Sterling Colorado desperately needs the service it as to root from someplace bigger.

This year I will be completing the Recovery Girls Group handbook and revising the business plan. Along with doing some field research in this bigger city. The same research I did in Sterling to start this project.

First, I will look up the census for Commerce city and Denver so I can compare that population with the national statistics from SAMHSA. This will give me the number of people the organization can be of service to during a given time period.

Then I will see how many recovery groups and NA groups are available in these areas. After finding their locations, times they are running groups, and who leads these groups I will contact the facilitators of the groups to see if they keep gender specific attendance data. NA groups do not keep attendance records of any kind because they have vowed anonymity. I have talked to facilitators of a number of NA groups trying to explain that keeping the number of females and males that attend groups will not reveal the identity of any group members. I also informed them this could be valuable information for funding purposes but they are not open for suggestions. This won’t stop me from continuing to ask. One day someone has got to give to a positive change.

After this, I will compile the data into charts and/or graphs for the backing of the theory of the dream house.

Cindy Morris