Cindy Morris

Recovery Coach

Helping addicts redefine themselves on their term. I meet you where you are!

Hi, I’m Cindy. I am a certified Recovery Coach. I know what it’s like to live in active addiction. Now, my seven years in recovery from meth will help me lead you to the light. Care to ride with me?

My Story

I grew up in Commerce City, Colorado. I come from a rather rough background. My parents always fought. There was not much love in my home as a kid. My mom left when I was 9. Leaving me to take care of my dad and little brother. I started using alcohol at the age of 11. Then my race to replace the pain grew stronger as I found more to use that made me feel good. I ran the streets actively from the age of 12 to 22. Meth found me when I was 16. My boyfriends dad introduced my friend and I to it. Life was all down hill at this point. I have survived being raped and escaped a sex trafficking ring all by the time I was 18. My mind was not in the right places. I was constantly trying to cover my pain with the use of drugs. Meth was my demon. I didn’t have to sleep to relive my pain. It made me spiritually and physically numb. May 31, 2011 I attended Aurora Calvary Chapel and allowed God into my life that day. I felt the spiritual awakening and God started something in me I didn’t know existed. September 27, 2012 I found out I was pregnant with my angel baby. Faith Ann Owens, born June 8, 2013, saved my life from a path leading to prison or death.  Today, I live to give others hope. That we can recover from the pain and heal. It is okay to feel, love yourself, and to love others. 

My Values & Beliefs


This is key when building trust with anyone in life. It is the best policy. I wear all my flaws on my shoulders. We all have pain but we all can bounce back too.

Respect individuality

Not everyone recovers the same. As we continue our daily journey we should respect others for their coping mechanisms. We are individuals with the same purpose, to live life by our terms without letting substances numb us and take control.

I live by Faith guided by Christ

Without God and my faith, I would not have been changed. I allowed divine intervention into my life. This made me the mother, friend, and daughter I am today.

My Approach

I like to take a free spirit approach when I work with active addicts seeking long term recovery. I use all the knowledge I have gained in all aspects of life, to get a better understanding of the individual in front of me. I listen without judgement and use my skilled gained through my training to help implement tools and healthy habits to replace the old bad one’s. I encourage people to write things down so they can determine what triggers certain emotions. This can help an addict track their own progress without feeling pressured to share moments of their life that can cause a negative trigger effect. In due time, down the road of recovery, they will share these moments. In the beginning stages of recovery the addict is very weary of everything that is going on. They feel feelings, they question trust, and look at the damage that has raided their life. I guide them to feel comfortable in their own skin, help them forgive themselves and others who may have hurt them. No pressure here just all love and understanding.

Resilient Hearts

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