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February 2019 Blog

Blog of February, It is February 2019. I started the Recovery Girls project at the end of 2014. In 2015 I was going to a junior college. I formed all of my class assignments and papers around this dream. I even got guidance from a wonderful lady at the Small Business...

2019 Plan

Where do I start??? Well, not too long ago I had almost lost hope and vision on this dream that is dwelling within me. I was a penny away from shutting the project down. In my mind, I felt as though I would have to give up my dreams. I felt I needed to work extra hard...

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Podcast Series Available in July

  • Part 1 – I’m an addict in recovery, be pleased to meet me!
  • Part 2 – The Dark Truth of a Hurting Child
  • Part 3 – The preteen-ager

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