Recovery Girls would like to announce our women-only recovery group at 302 N. 8th Ave. Children are welcome at these groups. There is a playroom for the children. Light snack and refreshments will be provided during the meeting. It will be held every Thursday from 6:30-7: 30 pm.
Tell all the ladies you know seeking recovery to look for the purple light on the nights this group is held at the address provided.
This is a non-faith based group but will be held at a church. Calvary Baptist was kind enough to open their doors to this need our community has. All they ask is that we do not smoke on their property. If a group member is a smoker and you come in a car please inform others not to throw their butts outside of their car on the property.
At these groups we will talk about tips for sobriety, setting goals and boundaries, triggers and cravings, stress and time management, and reflecting on accomplishments as recovery is maintained. This is not the limit of things that will be talked about during this group setting.
Recovery Girls Group strives to provide a safe and drug-free place for women to feel safe when talking about the struggles of addiction and the challenges of recovery. Men will not be attending this group.
If you know someone seeking recovery who is a male and would like to attend other local groups they can visit and go to the events calendar. Here they will find all groups available locally with dates, times, and addresses held for the month. It is a mobile-friendly site.
Thank you for your time. Please help spread the word because recovery from addiction is important and we want all women seeking recovery to know they are not alone.